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Windows Bible

    This is a free download. Use the download links at the left to download this software. I wish you will enjoy it, and feel free to send suggestions or comments, by clicking "Contact" at left side bottom of the table. The following are features of the program:

    * Pictures *

    Pictures, thanks to Jeffrey W. Hamilton at La Vista Church of Christ. See pictures while scrolling through the bible.

    * Paint program *

    Open the paint by choosing and clicking from the pictures at the bottom right. After the picture is shown on the left, click the paint button at the bottom of the picture. After the paint window opens, choose a brush size from the top left. Choose a color and start painting. You can also enlarge the picture for easier painting. This also has the option for custom colors. (size shown is not actual size)

    * Searching Capabilities *

    With searching, you can easily find results in seconds. You can search for words, phrases, and even search for two in the same scripture. Matches are highlighted in blue for easy viewing. After searching this software will tell you how many matches there are and easily view the matching chapter by clicking on the match. You can also add your matches to the concordance.

    * Trivia

    With the trivia page just hit the question and, then when ready, the answer button. It will give you the answer and where it is found in the scriptures.

    * Dictionary *

    With the dictionary scroll to find the word you are looking for and click on it. The definitions, and where they appear in the scriptures, will appear to the right of the word. There are over 1000 definitions.

    * Concordance *(that you can customize)

    The Concordance is easy to view and just a click away from matching scriptures. Click on a word at the left, and matches list just to the right. Click on the scripture matching and the chapter appears on the right. You can delete any words from the concordance or add them with the search.(size shown is not actual size)

    * Unlimited Book Markers *

    This bible has unlimited book markers to keep track of all your family, dates, sermons or what ever you should use it for.

    * Notes *

     Unlimited notes is a handy feature of the Windows Bible. This will start in new window, So you can easily copy and paste scriptures.

    * Bible stories *

     Easy to get to stories. Just click bible stories in the menu bar, scroll to name and click on the story you want to read about.

    * Fonts *

     Font sizes and names are easily changed if needed.

    * Easy to Use *

    This software was made for the beginner, so it is very easy to use and understand.

    * King James Version or a New Revised Edition. *

Get it from CNET!

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Download Link 3

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